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"The process of therapy, of opening up to someone you can come to trust, can lead to more gratifying ways of coping with the struggles of life. With bravery and with care, change is possible."

I focus on helping people face difficult emotions and experiences. I tailor each therapy experience to the unique needs of each person. I focus on core emotional experience and pull in other methods depending on the needs of the individual.  Some of the tools I have expertise in are meditation and mindfulness, emotion focused exercises, as well as others.


My specialties include working with adults and adolescents facing relationship issues, depression, anxiety, life transitions, co-dependency, PTSD and trauma.


A particular passion of mine is working with men in groups and in individual therapy focusing on men facing issues highlighted in the book No More Mister Nice Guy, by Dr. Robert Glover. This book helps men move out of relying on others for a sense of safety or value, to a place of inner strength where they can meet their own needs and derive a sense of value from within. From this place, men can go out into the world and live a passionate life. As well, this allows men to connect and give to others from a place of genuine desire.


I also focus on working with young adults and adults facing ADHD. I approach this work in a holistic fashion that takes into account work, school, emotions, relationships, and highlights the strengths of ADHD.

Doctoral Training

I am licensed by the state of California: PSY 31768.

The foundation of my experience as a Psychologist was built while receiving a clinical Doctorate and Master’s degrees from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. I completed my internship at the Kaiser Permanente Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles. At Kaiser, I provided individual and group therapy to people with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, co-dependency, OCD, ADHD, and trauma, among others. During my training I worked at Kaiser Oakland Neuropsychology Department, St. Helena Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital, ANKA Behavioral Health, and The Wright Institute Clinic. At these sites, I served adolescents and adults facing serious mental illness, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance abuse, PTSD, dementia, co-dependency and dependency issues, as well as life transitions.


I also have training in psychological assessment from St. Helena Inpatient Hospital, Kaiser Oakland Neuropsychology Department, and Kaiser Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.

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