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Move through your barriers   

         and into a sense of fulfilment.

Meet Dr. David Perlman

I have extensive training in private practice and hospital settings. I work with adolescents and adults facing depression, anxiety, relationship issues, OCD, PTSD and trauma, as well as  co-dependency. 


I often work with people facing depression, anxiety, co-dependency, relationship issues,  self worth and shame, and trauma. 


I practice in West Los Angeles and online with video sessions.

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery. It can help you more fully understand yourself and create the life you want. Every journey has its stresses, but this is one that can revolutionize your life.

I have helped people achieve this and I believe I can help you too.  

I commend you on taking this step.


Individual psychotherapy

This way of working allows for in depth exploration. Each session is 45-50 minutes in length. We can meet once a week or several times a week, based on your needs.

I welcome you to come in for a free initial consultation. I offer this service so that you can see if we are a good fit together. I offer therapy in person and on Zoom. 

I will work with you to set up a community around you. Finding a local Psychiatrist and/or other services that serve your physical health, mental wellbeing, and social needs are important steps in holistic care. 

Practice Areas
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